Leading Commercial Landscapers In Woodbury CT Outline The Basics Of A Great Design

If you run a business, perhaps you understand too well that the state of your outdoors can attract or deter customers. Whether your business has moved to a new space or you want to spruce up the outdoors of your current premise, it is important to choose a landscape design that is both functional and eye-catching. We are the best commercial landscapers in Woodbury CT, and can help you create and install a stellar design.

A great landscape design will send the right message. It will serve as a reflection of the values and professionalism of your brand. For instance, if you sell kids’ items, you want your landscape to convey an uplifting and fun message. In this case, it may also be necessary to plant kid-friendly flowers and herbs that cannot harm your young clients. You may also include a few features that can grasp the attention of children.

It is beneficial to choose a design that encourages patron engagement. This is as easy as including a seating area or benches in the yard. You could also create an element of interest by installing a few wooden chairs that face accenting features such as flower beds or water features. The amount of space you have and the type of business you operate will dictate the right ideas to incorporate into your design.

Clear traffic patterns can help make your landscape both visually appealing and functional. You want to install a walkway that leads to your front door and perhaps even invest in parking lot installation. To make the paths more interesting, consider using small shrubs, short stone walls, or even gravel in assorted colors.

A great commercial landscape design will also have several focal points. They attract customers and make it effortless for your business to make statements of class and financial credibility. Consider installing a fountain or even a rock garden with ornamental grasses. We recommend choosing design features that you can maintain without a problem.